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The Semi-Horrible Cooking community is dedicated to hating Sandra Lee, the Queen of SLop, who uses ridiculous amounts of: seasoning packets, cake mixes, extracts, alcohol, and Cool Whip. This site features weekly reviews, monthly recipe columns, satire/parody pages, and videos.

If you are a Sandra Lee hater, please feel free to join and post your thoughts on Stepford and her horrible messipes. Foul language is encouraged, but a few things are not. Before joining, please read the community rules below.

Community Rules:
-Sandra Lee and Food Network haters only. If you like Sandra Lee, please overdose on alcohol.
-DO NOT post sexually explicit pictures [in posts or comments]. Yes, it has happened. Please don't do it.
-DO NOT post links to other communities or websites without permission. If you are an active member and post regularly, I will allow it if you ask. This rule also applies to anonymous comments as well.
-DO NOT use racial or homophobic slurs.
-DO NOT use multiple screen names when making posts or comments. If you want to post here, please do it under one screen name.

Any member of this site who is shown to have an inactive LJ account will automatically be removed from the member list due to their inactivity on LJ. If this has happened to you, simply rejoin with an active account.

Users of this site are not bound to post in accordance with any set formatting guidelines, but it is recommended, especially for large or long posts, that members familiarize themselves with the LJ-cut tag. LJ permits the use of custom fonts and colors. If the formatting of a user's individual posts affects the format of your LJ friends page, for example, that is not the responsibility of the administrator, but rather the responsibility of the party affected to resolve on their own; as I cannot encroach upon someone's right to post freely.

Free-For-All-Friday posts were introduced in 2009 to give members a place to discuss off-topic posts not related to Sandra Lee. As of January 01, 2012, these threads are no longer opened on a weekly basis. However, if you participate in ANY of these archived posts, please observe the following rules.

Free-For-All Friday Rules:
1. Be politically incorrect, be brutally honest, but don't go personal and sling around insults towards each other. That's just RUDE!
2. No SLop discussion. Every other post in this comm is for SLop discussion, so consider this post a SLop-free zone. Well, jokes involving SLop are ok, like joking that Paula Abdul buys her booze from Sandra. But don't go "Did you all see Semi-Homemade/Money Saving Meals today?" This is for everything else in the world.
3. Re-read rule #1.

Sunday Swap was introduced in 2009 to give members a place to share their favorite recipes one day out of the week during the holiday season (Christmas and Thanksgiving). As of January 01, 2013, these threads are no longer opened on an annual basis. If you post in ANY of these archived threads, please observe the following rules.

Sunday Swap Rules
1. Keep it friendly. Critique the recipes submitted by other members with thoughtfulness, but don't be upset if they make alterations, suggestions or post unfavorable outcomes (bad taste, bad texture, etc.) stemming from your recipe.
2. Remember that you are not bound entirely to the weekly theme, but try to post at least one recipe that is relevant to the thread.
3. Recipes can be as simple or as advanced as you want them to be.
4. You can also suggest how to present the recipe, food transport, substitutions, etc.
5. Recipes do not have to be your own, they can be from your favorite cookbook or trusted family member.

Any member or non-member who violates any of the terms listed above in ANY thread on this site will be banned permanently.

Thank you.

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