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Semi-Horrible Cooking

Remaking Snark the Easy Way for You

Auntie Wins Re-Election
Although we know it was really her fucker beau Andrew Cuomo who won re-election as NY Governor last night, it's always all about Sandy, isn't it?

Resplendent in pure white, she at least had the decency to keep her sagging fun bags demurely covered.  It makes one wonder if they celebrated with a cottage cheese lasagna or potato ice cream cake once ensconced back home at the now accurately taxed country manor.  Regardless, it was a God bless America rock star evening for our dear dear friend.

Cuomo gave his victory speech at the Sheridan Hotel in Midtown, flanked by his daughters and celebrity chef
girlfriend Sandra Lee.
(NY Daily News)

SLop Featured in US Magazine
While it seems like SLop has fallen off of the face of the Earth these days, some publications just won't let her fade into oblivion – like US Magazine – who spotlighted the aging drunk yesterday for their vapid "What's in My Bag?" feature.

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On Yahoo Celebrity from the AP
No mention of Skankdra, but he's making the rounds in the press.


Of course I mentioned a truth or two about her.  It is part of my "Keep Sandra Lee Out of the Real White House" campaign.

She is NOT First Lady material!
Ahhhh, the wheel continues to turn on CUM-o's presidential amitions, albeit slowly.  I saw this on CBS This Morning.  They just HAD to mention the Slow Cooker Hooker.  The thought of her skanky ass being First Lady and occupying the same home as Jackie Kennedy makes me sick to my stomach.  I vote not just no, but HELL NO!


The episode indexes for Semi-Homemade Cooking, Sandra's Money Saving Meals, and Sandra's Restaurant Remakes are officially completed, mostly due to the fact that it didn't take as long as I anticipated.

Additionally, links to all officially-reviewed, Semi-Homemade Food Network Specials are located at the end of that show's episode index (since there weren't that many to warrant creating a separate index).

From this day forward, there will be NO Weekly Schedule threads opened for Food Network's on-air programming regarding Sandra Lee.

If you wish to read (or post in) the official thread for a specific episode of a specific show, you must locate the episode index (on the main page UNDERNEATH the Page Summary) for that show and find the episode.  I recommend using the on-screen programming guide of your local cable provider.

On another note, this change does NOT signify the end of this website in any way, shape, or form.  It just means that I'm sick and fucking tired of opening these threads by myself every week and do not want to do it anymore.  That's it.

Onward and upward, my friends!


Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee - Episode Index
Season 1
SH1A01 - Desserts and Drinks
SH1A02 - Take Out/In
SH1A03 - Candy
SH1A04 - Sexy Soiree
SH1A05 - Comfort Food
SH1A06 - Thanksgiving
SH1A07 - Weekend Gathering
SH1A08 - Special Occasions:  Easy and Elegant
SH1A09 - Holiday Show
SH1A10 - Cookies, Cakes, and Cupcakes
SH1A11 - Open House:  Tapas Cheese and Wine
SH1A12 - Dinner Party
SH1A13 - Chocolate

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Sandra's Money Saving Meals - Episode Index
Season 1
SM0101H - Spring Brunch
SM0102H - Sunday Night Savings
SM0103H - Feeding a Crowd
SM0104H - Backyard Bash
SM0105H - Grilling
SM0106H - All American
SM0107H - Garden Variety
SM0108H - Less Is More
SM0109H - Hawaiian Vacation
SM0110H - Restaurant Night
SM0111H - Fast Fix Family Favorites
SM0112H - Cheaper by the Dozen
SM0113H - One Pot Meals

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Sandra's Restaurant Remakes - Episode Index
Season 1
SQ0101H - Rich and Dreamy Dishes
SQ0102H - On Top of the World Tastes
SQ0103H - Familiar Favorites
SQ0104H - Every Day Decadence
SQ0105H - Ultimate American Classics
SQ0106H - Burgers and Bombs
SQ0107H - Big Flavor Heavy Hitters
SQ0108H - The Famous and Fantastic

Hey everyone,

I realize it's pretty dead here at the moment, but it's the perfect opportunity to let you know about a change to the site.

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Weekly Schedule: 09/08/2014 | 09/12/2014
Click on the corresponding links below to read the review.

09/08/14 - Smartly Southern
09/09/14 - One-Pot Meals
09/10/14 - Dim Sum and then Some
09/11/14 - Fun Food
09/12/14 - Homecoming Tailgate

Note:  There are no new episodes of "Sandra's Restaurant Remakes" until further notice.