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SLop Rescues a Baby Seal!

The Queen of SLop can now add a new, bedazzled, color-coordinated notch to her belt of many colors.

Earlier this week, she apparently rescued a baby seal in Malibu, California, while strolling on the beach.
Here is a quote about the incident:

I just couldn’t believe it when I saw the little seal was making movements as if he wanted to nurse. I knew he was hungry, weak, and definitely very scared . . . There was no way that I was leaving this little one to die on the beach.

Additionally, she is spearheading a donation drive in association with the California Wildlife Center to aid in the care of other beached seals, who are washing to shore due to "rising ocean temperatures." Lee is pledging to match $25,000 in donations.

I am now hearing, through my Uhura-brand earpiece, that baby Kai, who is still in protective custody, is requesting a lifetime supply of "Sandra Lee Cocktail Time Margaritas" mix, which was unveiled recently...LMAO!

Kidding aside, I'll throw the bitch a bone and say she did a good thing.  Honestly, if that were me, I would've done the same thing (or—at the very least—tried to get the seal back into the water).

Sandra Lee:  The Seal Whisperer...who knew?!  LMAO!
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