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Welcome to Semi-Horrible Cooking

This community will be dedicated to undermining the "talent" of Food Network star Sandra Lee, who I often call Scamdra or Leetard. I would also like to mention that this community is strictly Anti-Sandra Lee. I will not tolerate defensive posts by trollers who wish to praise Lee for her talents. If you are not Anti-Sandra Lee, I suggest you leave this site now.

Chances are you've seen her on the Food Network sharing recipes that are "Semi-Homemade," using 70% store-bought ingredients combined with 30% "fresh" ingredients. The recipes resulting from this moronic "philosophy" as Lee calls it, are nothing more than sloppy rip-offs disguised as ingenius recipes using ridiculous amounts of Pilsbury Pastry Dough, Cake Mixes, Cool Whip, seasoning packets, and instant coffee. As if the recipes were not fattening enough, the show features Lee often licking spoons covered in cake batter and frosting, yelping "MMMmmm" or "I cannot WAIT to taste this!" Do not forget "Cocktail Time," Lee's "favorite" time of the day, which features lame cocktails based around using sparkling wine, and frozen/canned juices. If all of this is not enough to annoy one person, Lee often tells stupid stories involving four main people: Kimber (her sister), Cassie (her best friend), "Miss" Stephanie (her niece), and "Brycer" (her nephew). Lee calls herself a classically-trained chef, boasting that she went to Le Cordon Bleu. However, this is not mentioned on her website or any biography. Even worse, she is not listed as an alumni of the famous cooking school. It is time to expose this woman for the fraud she really is.

Tomorrow's entry will be the first expressing my frustrations with this watered-down Stepford bitch. Please feel free to join this community if you feel the same way I do. Remember, keep it simple, keep it fresh and always keep it, Semi-Horrible.
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