spots_dad (spots_dad) wrote in semihorrible,

Merry Christmas!

Tags: miscellaneous
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What's up with the RED bows? It's supposta be all lily-white, just like Aunty Sandy's image of herself in her dreams!

Hahahaha! Lovely pic, though, I love Victorians! :)

It's the home of real people who make real food. No cans, involved. I was speaking to a friend of mine on Christmas and she cracked me up when she told me her brandy new daughter-in-law had brought some dessert concoction for Christmas Eve and it was loaded with Cool Whip! She said she had all she could do to keep a straight face as she thought about ME and what I would have to say.
LOL! I can only imagine the snark you could come up with for that "dessert"!